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New Partnership Initiative

In light of research and experience that suggests the limited impact of isolated, single-event in-service work, the EMWP seeks to collaborate with schools to develop multi-year partnerships and to design a sequence of support services that meet the professional learning goals of schools. These partnerships may include in-service series, study groups, school-based coaching, summer open institutes, and graduate courses. Our programming is based on the following elements:

• A partnership model with multiple events over one to three years
• Varied formats to address the professional learning needs of teachers
• Exemplary SE Michigan teacher consultants who lead from practical
experience and a grounded research base

Our professional learning services rely on our teacher consultants, practicing Michigan teachers and experienced in-service leaders who offer research-based practices that have led to writing improvement in their own classrooms. All of our teacher consultants have participated in an intensive, four-week Invitational Summer Institute and have designed workshops grounded in current research. They have presented in small and large venues and are committed to modeling and coaching instructional strategies that work.

1) Partnership Options

2) Partner Plans

3) Professional Learning Communities

4) Family Literacy Initiative

5) Selection Process

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